Pictures - $5.00 - Autographed photos of each of your favourite Amish.  Call for availability. (Lang sold out)



Hats - $15.00 Authentic Amish hats.  Comes in black, white or straw.  Sizes Dayman, Schmitty, Gord & Scotty)



Pennants - $10.00 Finally, we have something to sell under this category.  An authentic 2005 B-Side 

                                  Championship Pennant.  Add $1,000 if you want it signed by everyone.



T-Shirts - $12.00 Stylish black mesh, half-length, navel baring t-shirts.  We're talking the

                                    big-holed 80's mesh too.  These things are sexy!



Thongs - $8.00 - Speaking of sexy, try a black thong with the patented "FA" on the front.  Sizes: Hose,

                                Lacey and Wally.  (Please note:  All thongs have been game worn.)



Team Photo - $15.00 - Featuring all 65 team members from 2005.  Makes a great gift or dartboard.



Calendar - $20.00 - Our hottest item.  12 seductive pictures of all you favourite players.  (We think

                                       you're gonna like December.)  Plus, $1 from every calendar goes toward making

                                       the Amish a "dry and sober" ball team.  The other $19 goes to our beer fund.)



If you seriously want to order any of the above merchandise, please submit your order via email under the "Contact Us" tab on the main page.  Please be sure to quote size and colour.  We accept cash, cheque, money-order and heroine.