Amish 10-3, Tied for First Place

AP - As some of you may noticed, there have been a few articles missing lately.  This is due to a strike by the press corps.  We were demanding better wages, an annual raise to match inflation and better press box conditions.  The strike was settled when we were offered a free beer.  So to quickly recap the two games missed…
July 15th vs The Slippery Nipples
The Amish came out flying in this one, eager to turn things around after a humiliating loss to the lowly D-Backs.  Things started out quite well as Jimmy Weiler smoked a grand slam to left field.   However, rookie Neil Anstett, who was on third, stepped on the plate as he went home, meaning an automatic out and ending the inning.  Luckily for Neil, the Amish are the forgiving type and the play was never mentioned again.
The Amish didn't let this mistake get them down, and they went on to win 9-1.
July 22nd – vs. The Brewers
Last time these teams met, the Brewers needed to borrow two Amish, and then almost managed to win.  This time, the Brewers had an abundance of players, but the game still remained tight.  However, due to the game being played on a Monday night, the Amish lost in the end, 18-17. 

This brings us to the latest Amish game, July 22nd against the Crusaders.  Another historic battle was certainly going to take place, or was it?
The Amish started things off with 3 in the top of the first.  The boys were sailing, unaware of the iceburg they would hit in the bottom of that inning. 
The Crusaders came out a-gunnin'.  Smack, Bang, Ke-Pow went their bats.  Wimper, Plop, Fizzle went the Amish defence.  Before anyone could say "What's Scotty wearing?" the Crusaders had posted 13 runs in that single inning.  That’s' not a typo…13.
The Amish came back to the dugout, dejected, rejected and neglected.  Their gear was going to get collected, and that inning dissected.  A score no one suspected, against a team so respected, their bats should be inspected.
Would the Amish give up?  In a word – not bloody likely.
The Amish hitched up their socks and went to work. 
Bang – 8 in the second.
Boom – another 4 in the third. 
Next thing you know the Amish were right back in this thang.
Jimmy Weiler had a Babe like night at the plate, hitting one ball into the nearby tennis courts.  Luckily for Wieler, Niel was safely in the dugout this time.
The Amish set a team, nay a league, nay a world record for most triples in one game.  Scotty and Dayman with two apiece and Cory and Schmidty with their career firsts three-baggers.
The Amish came all the way back and won the game 25-22.  Jimmy Weiler made a triumphant return to the pitching mound, relieving Scotty after the first, and posted his first victory in more than 2 years…or one year…who knows. 
Cory had a huge game at the plate, showing the impressive power that made the Amish pick him first overall in the draft last year.  Billy showed that the mid-season knee injury he had was all but gone, as he sped around the bases like a really fast elephant.
This was a huge game for the Amish. 
Lacey said it best after the game "Boys, there's nothing that can stop us if we want to win, and there's nothing that can stop us if we want to lose.  We just have to make the decision."  Then he shed a single tear.  But in his defence, I think every Amish shed a single tear this night…...  Except me cause I'm a dude.







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