Amish Traitors Sink Ship

Cargill – Two rats who jumped ship and joined the Diamondbacks Friday night helped defeat the Amish 22-19.

With the Diamondbacks only able to field seven players, the Amish offered two men so that the game could be played. So with a wink and a nod, Shayne and Crazy were sent to bring down the Diamonbacks from the inside. However, in a telling display of insubordinance, the two quickly forgot their mission and helped their new friends to victory.

The Amish jumped out to an early 8-3 lead after a three-run homerun by the surging Jim Weiler, his first of three on the night. However, in the second inning, the ex-Amish did sold their teammates down the river. VanOene hit a three-run homerun of his own and the Diamonbacks batted around, scoring ten runs before the inning was over.

The Amish never regained their composure or the lead after that. Homeruns by Joe Lang and Scott Donnelly held the Amish close, but in the end it was that second inning that killed them. "We kicked the ball around a little and gave them too many baserunners," said a dejected Daryll Dayman. "We should’ve won that game."

The loss drops the Amish back to .500 on the season at 7-7. Their next game is Sunday night when they visit the Bullets for a double-header. Local philanthropist, Jim Lehman has pledged a case of beer to the team for each game they win against the Bullets this season. We’ll have to see if that can motivate the suddenly slumping Amish.