Amish Destroy Nemesis

AP - We played so awesome today (ba ba ba ba ba ba ba da ba)

It was so typical,

They can't, beat us.

The Amish went into their third game of the season riding a wave of momentum, thanks to posting two wins in their first two games. Their opponent was the dreaded Blue Dogs. In the past, the Blue Dogs and Amish have always been pretty equal in all aspects. However, I'm not even going to try to sugar coat this one. The Amish pounded the Blue Dogs. It was quite the show. Everyone was hitting, led by Scotty with three homers and a double. Jimmy, Dayman and Mugs also hit homers for the Amish.


The defense was once again solid, with very few Blue Dogs reaching base, let alone scoring.  When Lacey came into the dugout after the 4th inning, he looked at the other Amish and said, "There's something magical about this team this year fellas.  It's not each individual, it's the sum of the parts. Even the mightiest oak tree can be brought down by the wind, but an entire   forest can withstand a hurricane."..  No one really talked to Lacey for the rest of the game after that.


The highlight of the night however did not take place on the field. Less than 6 hours after his wife gave birth, young Billy Plakholm showed up at the park in full uniform, ready to play. It was an inspiration to all of us.

Anyways, the Amish were now 3 and 0, and looked like the team to beat in the C.S.L. east division. Would an unbeaten season be in the cards? In this reporters opinion, almost certainly YES!!!!


May 29 vs Runabouts

The Dream is dead. The Amish hopes of an undefeated season came to a crashing halt as they got beat by the Neaustadt Runabouts. The Amish have a history of not playing well on Sunday nights, and that held true for this game.

Things actually started out on a high note as Joey Lang made his return from a brief minor league stint. Gordy was making his first start of the season on the mound after undergoing off season surgery on both rotator cuffs, his fibia, and his femur, and both Cory and Dayman had a pre-game beer with them, which is always a good sign.

And the bats started off quickly as well. However, things quickly fell apart. There were a few errors made that may have changed the game around. However, nobody remembers who made these errors so we'll leave it at that.

The Amish will have to show what they are made of, and try to rebound from this loss and get back on track. We will soon be entering the tournament season and the Amish will want to have their "A" game then.

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