Amish Tweak Nipples in Paisley

AP - There once was a team from the north,

A better team each year they brought forth,

They are called the Nipples,

That's right I said Nipples,

They were leading the Amish in the fourth.


A pop fly they pelted in the air,

Hose and Crazy raced after without care,

There was a mighty crash,

On Crazy's leg was a gash,

And Hose had messed up his cool hair.


On the ground they lay in a pile,

Was the mighty collision worthwhile?

Where was the ball?

Did it get lost in the fall?

It was in Hose's glove all the while.


The Amish now had a spark.

On a comeback they would embark,

Dennis hit two doubles,

We nicknamed him Bubbles,

So he hit the next one out of the park.


In the field the Amish played tough,

Then next inning, surely enough,

Got three up, three down,

We own this small town,

Like the New Kids, we got the Right Stuff.


The game was still close till the end,

Up to bat, whom did we send?

In was in fact, young Gord,

Hit a homer that soared,

I hope that this starts a trend.


The Amish had won once more,

Someone asked, "What was the score"

It was nine - six,

"Let's get some hot chicks",

"Or even some half decent whore".


The season is almost half over,

We are as good as a four leaf clover.

Nothing else to say,

At the end of the day,

On Sesame Street I like Grover.







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