Amish Snatch Victory from Dogs

AP - What a month it has been for the Amish!!
After taking three out of four in May, the Amish have been unbeatable in June, winning their first four.  They have outscored their opponents (who have included the mighty River Rats and Diamondbacks) a combined 67-38.

Up next was their second meeting of the season with the Blue Dogs.  This was once one of the greatest rivalries in sports, but the last time they met the Amish pounded the Blue Dogs 27-2.  Was this game going to be closer?  Or had the Blue Dogs been spayed and/or neutered once and for all.

Things didn't look good for the Amish, as many of their regulars were no shows.  Dayman served a one game suspension for exposing himself at a drive-thru window.
Crazy, always the two-sport athlete, picked golf over baseball this weekend.  Mark's dad couldn't give him a lift to the game.  
And Joey Lang disappeared, that weekend (june 24th)
He was on a fishing trip (in a plane)
The last ball he ever caught, won the Amish the game.
They didn't lose another, until July 15th
The day he made another.

Luckily for the Amish, there was a keg party taking place in the area on Saturday, which brought Normy and Schmidtty out for their first games of the year.  Their youthful enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonderment reminded the veteran Amish what this game was all about.

Even with this newfound energy, the Amish found themselves in a good old-fashioned bru-ha-ha.  Each team scoring one, then giving one up.  The Amish actually outplayed the Blue Dogs through five, but found the score tied 5-5 due to some defensive blunders.
However in the bottom of the sixth an event happened of such magnitude it's almost impossible to describe.  With one out, two men on, the Blue Dogs decided to intentionally walk Scotty to get to James W. McWeiler.  Due to a slow start to the season, and the tear Scotty had been on, the Dogs thought this was their best option.  
Did it work out for them?  Hell No!  
Jimmy McWeiler watched the first pitch come in.  "That's a good one," the catcher said. The ball knocked on the plate.
As the next pitch came in, Weiler said, "That's a good one." then proceeded to pound the piss out of that round little son-of-a-bitch.
The ball was gone, the bases were cleared, and the Amish were up 9-5 heading into the 7th.
The Blue Dogs tried their best to make a game of it, but in the end came up short, and the Amish won 9-8.  A perfect June.  An 8-1 record heading into a much-deserved week off.  With only five games left, the Amish are poised like a cat to finish in first.  Also much like a cat, the Amish lick themselves a lot.  Unlike a cat, they don't do this for hygiene reasons.   Like a cat would with a mouse though, they appear to be toying with the other teams.  Unlike a cat, they aren't really that fast or agile.
Whatever.  Yeah Amish, Boo Cats, that's what I say.







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