D-Backs Humble Mighty Amish

AP - (To the tune of "Like a Rolling Stone")

"Once upon a time we played so fine
We threw the balls around in our prime, didn't we?
People'd call, say "Beware Amish, you're bound to fall"
We thought they were all kiddin' us
We used to laugh about
Everybody that was strikin' out
Now we don't talk so loud
Now we don't seem so proud
About having to be scrounging for our next win

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on a losing streak
The future looks bleak,
Got to take a leak."

Yes, the mighty Amish have taken a tumble recently. They played the DiamondBacks on Friday, and, to put it nicely, got their collective asses kicked. The Amish had defeated the D-Backs in their previous two meetings, including the Championship game last season. So it was of little surprise that the D-Backs had revenge on their minds. And not since Hamlet's plot against Claudius has revenge been executed in such a brutal, unforgiving manner. The D-Backs mercied the Amish 18-3, the first time the Amish have been mercied in over 378 days (+/- 200 days).
After the game, Lacey shed a single tear.
Just as the Amish appeared to be at their lowest, Devin jumped on the top of the dugout, and started rapping (to the tune of Faith by Limp Bizkit):

" Well I guess it would be nice
If we could get some runs
I know it would be funs
To get some hits
But we gotta play D
Before we give the game away
And I know all the hits we spray
Will see us through
Oh, but we need some time off
From this commotion
Time to give the other teams what for,
When that ball comes down
Let's make a motion
Well it takes a strong team baby
But we're gonna win for sure

Cuz we gotta have faith
Gotta have faith

.then he tried to do a back flip and fell off the dugout. But his inspirational rap was felt by all the Amish. Sure they had been kicked around, but they have been down before, and like the Phoenix, they will rise from the ashes of this game, and return to play another day. Luckily for the Amish, they had a tournament the next day which I am sure would turn out much better, maybe even resulting in another trophy.

(Note: the Amish lost both games in the tournament and surprisingly did not receive a trophy.)

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