Late Lacey Rallies Team

AP -  "Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once." - William Shakespeare

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear." - Mark Twain

"Fuck Fear" - The Amish

  Yes, it’s true; the Amish were playing like a team afraid of losing, but even more afraid of winning. They had dropped so many games in a row, this reporter lost track (so that means it was more than 2). Even going into what should have been an easy win, a home game against the Nipples, the Amish still had no confidence in themselves, or their teammates. And once again, the Amish roster of 23 men could only produce 8 guys to start the game. Luckily, a young rookie named James Kuntz was on hand. Usually only a spectator, James was thrust into the limelight as the Amish’s starting catcher. Still, that left the Amish only 3 outfielders against the Nipples mighty bats. They took the field, wondering once again where the rest of the team was. The first Nipple got out, but the second reached first base on a ball that would have been caught by the fourth outfielder, had he been there. It looked like it may be another long night…

Suddenly, there was an eerie calm throughout the entire park. The birds stopped chirping, and the wind stopped blowing.

Then Robbie yelled out "Oh my God, look over at the dam!".

Amanda, from the bleachers let out a scream in terror, and fainted.

The rest of the team looked over, not seeing anything at first. Then, just visible through the rushing water was a hand, grasping the top of the dam. Someone was pulling themselves up from the murky depths below, but who? Everyone in the park watched, and each second seemed like an eternity. Then, another hand swung over the dam. Again, time passed so slowly, yet so quickly, as everyone waited to see who was coming and if they would be able to ignore the 3 tonne per inch of pressure the water was pushing against them. Finally, a head arose from the mist. First, only a ball cap was visible. A black Amish hat. Then a forehead…a pair of glasses, an entire face.

"Jesus, that’s Lacey climbing the dang dam!", Joey hollered.

Lacey had by now, lifted half his body over the dam, and the look of determination on his face was both beautiful and horrifying at the same time. He swung his left leg over, then his right. He was in full uniform, and was on his way over to the diamond.

The ump called game on before he got there, but the Amish were so pumped by what they had just seen, Dayman, playing spectacular shortstop, turned a double play to end the inning. The Amish rushed off the field to greet Lace.

"What happened Lace, How’d you get below the Dam?", Mugsy asked.

"Don’t rightly remember, but I had to make the game." Lace replied.

With that, the entire Amish team shed a single tear.

Buoyed by Lacey’s triumphant return, the Amish went on to pound the Nipples, 9 to 7, and perhaps have turned the corner. After hearing about the determination and heart that the Amish showed, the Spikes dropped out of the league.

"I knew they were tough but Dang!", one Spike was heard to remark.