Amish Don't Work On Sunday

Cargill – The Fighting Amish dropped both ends of a double-header to the Bullets here on Sunday, losing 12-7 and 12-5.

"If you had told me we were going to hold them to 12 runs in each game I would’ve said that we’d win both," said Joe Lang. Two games, maybe a little cocky Lang, but one for sure. The only problem, to win you have to hit and the Amish were not doing that.

The team got off to a flying start in Game 1. After holding the Bullets off the board in the top of the first, Jim Weiler swatted a three-run homerun to put the Amish ahead. The streaking Weiler, whose been red hot since returning from his bout with syphallus, hit four dingers in three games over the weekend.

Unfortunately, that was about the high point for the Amish offence. The Bullets didn’t have any big innings, but just kept plugging away with runs here and there and the Amish ran out of time.

The second game was much like the first. A few hits here and there, but nothing consecutive and only five runs to show at the end of the game.

"It didn’t seem like anyone had any fire in them at all today," said GM Kim Donnelly. "It might be time to make some changes and try to shake this thing up." Donnelly added that the team peaked too early and needs to get hot again for the August playoff run. "We’ve got two tournaments in August before the playoffs and we don’t want to limp in."

Donnelly refused to acknowledge that a team sanctioned stag and doe the night before could have contributed to the lethargic play of the team. "I don’t think so. As far as Dayman’s absence, he probably went to church this morning and lost track of time chasing altar boys. Besides, those who weren’t there played just as poorly as those who were."

Hose also wasn’t buying into the theory of hungoverdness. "If you can’t get up for the Bullets, you shouldn’t get up at all," said a wretched looking Hose. "By the way, do you have a spare liver," he added.

The losses, making it five in a row, drop the Amish to 7-9 on the season. With only four games left, all against tough opponents, the team will need to play some good ball to finish above .500.