God, Amish Smote Spikes

AP - An ominous wind blew off the Cargill pond that fateful night. The storm clouds rolled across the sky as the Amish took the field. The team did not have high expectations for this game, as their opponent was the highly touted Spikes. The Amish had never beaten the Spikes. In fact they have never been close to beating the Spikes. In fact, even saying they had played the spikes was an insult to the word played.

Nevertheless, the Amish showed up and were ready for whatever was to come. Or were they?

The game started slowly for both teams, and after two innings it was scoreless. Looking to the west, everyone could see that mother nature was about to make a mess of the ball diamond. The Amish didn't want another rain out, so they rushed through the top of the third, and it showed as the Spikes scored three runs. It looked like the floodgates may have opened. But before you could say, "Oh crap, we are going to get pounded again, where the Hell is Mugs anyways", the Amish responded with four of their own in the bottom of the third. The Amish were winning, the Amish were winning!!!

But then, the heavens opened up, and it rained like shit on a goose. It poured like shit on a duck. It downpoured like shit on a penguin. It looked like God wasn't going to let the Amish defeat the Spikes, and the Spikes started celebrating by starting their beer fund early on their bench. However, the Spikes hadn't heard that in the off season, with the bullets folding, God needed a new favourite team. And if you look closely, you can see that he now sports an Amish tattoo on his left ass cheek. Just as soon as it had started, it ended, the skies cleared and the sun shone once again.

Game on. The Amish gave up a few more to the Spikes, but in the bottom of the fifth, they batted their little hearts out, to take a 10 - 8 lead. Then, the sky opened up once more, and it rained like shit on a budgie. The game could not continue and was official. The Spikes were stunned...Whoop-Crack went their pointed tail, and the Spikes were done. As they walked away they said "Be thee Angels?". The Amish replied, "Nay, we are but men, Rock! Onnnnnnnn......"

The Amish had defeated the Spikes. Every Amish had scored at least one run.

The Amish have now become the team to beat in the league and believe you me it's a role they cherish.

Lacey, who couldn't make the game due to prior commitments, was called on a video phone after the game to be told of the win. He was so proud, he shed a single tear.


We've had a great response to the request for float themes. Wally had the idea "Why don't we pull a wagon around town?". Of course that was before he knew there was a parade.

Gordy suggested we all dress up as monkeys, and whip our feces at the crowd.

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