Amish Slaughter Brewers, Drink Beer

Mildmay – The Fighting Amish employed great defence and solid pitching in defeating the Mildmay Brewers 5-2 Monday night.

Joe Lang and Daryll Dayman caught everything that was hit to centrefield and ended the game with a combined 13 putouts. However, it was Large that provided the defensive play of the game from shortstop. In the fifth inning, Mildmay first baseman Adolf Reutz smoked a liner to shortstop. The ball bounced in front of Weiler, took a high hop toward his oversized head and knocked him back onto his ass. However, it was from that ass that Large made a beautiful toss to first to beat the runner by an inch.

The win moves the Amish to 3-4 on the season and marks the third time this year that they have held the opposition to less than ten runs. "That’s usually the break point for us," said Brad Lacey. "If we can hold the other team to less than 10 runs, we usually win."

Lacey also became the sixth Amish to strike-out in a game this year. That means the team has as many strikeouts as homeruns, another measure of success of the Amish. When team homers exceed team strikeouts, the Amish have always had a winning record. (This only happened in 1999.)

The team now enjoys a 12 day break before their next game on June 20th at home to the Diamondbacks.