#18 Devin Lacey C



Bats:  Right

Throws:  Right

Birthday: Oh, lets say December 18, 1972

Employer:  Johnson & Johnson

Interests & Hobbies:  Woodworking, Snowmobiling, Impregnating things.


History:  The Amish learned first-hand last year that good things, do indeed come in small packages.  Devin arrived on the scene as an unproven infielder but soon impressed with his consistent bat.  In fact, he walked away with the Ahmie for best batting average in 2002.  He's also made a big contribution of the field.  In June, Devin and wife Patty had twin boys.  Little Jebidiah and Menno Lacey should be joining the Amish any year now.  Expect more good things from this dude.