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#23 – Dennis Thompson – 3B




Bats:  Left

Throws:  Right

Birthday: I'm gonna be kind here... Sometime before 1965

Employer:  The Man

Interests & Hobbies:  Oppressing people and causing a-holes grief.


History:  Dennis was a walk-on at the 2001 Amish spring training.  A friend of former Amish John Leblanc, all the Amish call him a friend now... except Weiler but he's a prick.  Dennis brings a veteran presence to the team along with a big stick.  He gives Large protection in the clean-up spot and when his boys play with the team, they also kick in with some decent eye-candy.  (Seriously Dennis, how does Toddy do it??)  And let's not forget, it never hurts to have a cop on the team.