Bats:  Left

Throws:  Right


September ??

Employer:  Chippendales

Interests & Hobbies:  Hockey & Babes


History:  Joe or “Joe” as his teammates call him, was an inexperienced rookie when he joined the Amish back in 1997.  Since then he’s come a long way.  His defence improved steadily over the last six years but no where near as quickly as his bat.  In two years he had worked his way from 14th in the batting order to 9th.  Now he’s the best left-handed batter on the team whose name begins with “J”.  This was evidenced by the fact that Joe was nominated for a record 11 “Amies” last year.  The next closest player only had three nominations.  But Joe brings something else to the Amish.  His in-your-face attitude is a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the pussies on this team.  Keep Bringin' It Joe!