Bats:  Right

Throws:  Right

Birthday:  January 7, 1960

Employer:  The Man

Interests & Hobbies:  Harassing innocents and Bustin’ skulls


History:  John was originally an Italian mobster from Toronto who married into the Amish family in 2001.  As is Amish tradition, he was forced to hang out with his wife’s brothers who soon had him playing ball every Friday night.  Perhaps the most ironic part of John’s arrival was the fact that the Amish, long considered the bad-boys of the league, now had an OPP officer on the team.  And that appears to have helped.  Impaired driving charges are down 100% and possession of a banned substance for the purpose of trafficking is down 4%.  Unfortunately, Hose abuse has risen by 344%.  Regardless, this is one wiggly that the Amish are proud to have on board.