Bats:  Right

Throws:  Right

Birthday: February 2, 1971

Employer:  Energizer

Interests & Hobbies:  Sports of any kind


History:  Shayne is the newest member of the Amish, just signed as a free-agent contract this past off-season.  Despite his rookie status, Shayne is a seasoned veteran with some pop in his bat and a solid glove.  He impressed his teammates at the first game when he donated a case of beer to the Amish beerfund.  No player in the history of the team has demonstrated such selfless, unwavering dedication to the destruction of the Amish livers as this young rookie.  That dedication will earn him some votes for rookie of the year at the 2nd annual Ahmies later this year.  And as the only rookie on the team, Id say hes got a 50/50 shot.