Amish Full on Players and Booze

AP - As the 2003 season opener draws near, the Fighting Amish roster is coming into shape.  That's not to say the players are in shape.  No, most are still badly out of shape and in need of medical attention, but the numbers are there.  This year the Amish will open the season with a full 20-man roster. 

  Last year the Amish finished the season with a dismal 3-9 record to finish in 12th out of 14 teams.  However, they finished strong by going to the finals on the 'B' side at the year end tournament.  With that, the addition of Hose's new bat and a couple of new players, the Amish have their sights set high this year.

  Kevin Schmidt returns after a five-year stint in Edmonton with the Triple-A Mudhens.  Joe Lang is also back after a long, productive career with the Chepstow Aces.  And Shayne VanOene is the one new player on the roster this year.  Although he actually played a game with the Amish last year, he was an illegal player and not an official member of the team

  The Amish play their first game against the Slippery Nipples in Cargill on Friday May 9th.   So lock your kids in the basement and come on out to see the Amish, Cargill's REAL team.  Friday just also happens to be Brad Lacey's birthday.  Another Amish, Paul Donnelly, turns 30 the next day.  Happy Birthday boys!  We're expecting some big things.